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We have more than enough proof to shoe that we are legit and not a scam. Everytime we ship something we do make sure it works, if it doesn't we will start all over. When you are in one of our free lobbies it is your responsibility to get the materials you want. Now, if you are in our PAID lobbies we double check with you before we stop hosting. When we ship things to you we make sure they work first, once we ship it we are not responsible for shipping damage. *Only happened once* If you have any questions on any products and or services message me on Xbox Live or AIM. ****************MESSAGE ME FOR RENTING PRICES!***********
Banned Jtag
Jasper/Xenon/or Falcon you pick
Modded Controller
For all cods
Modded ISO Disk for WaW with the latest Patches (Custom)
At the moment the patch is CoOlBunNyMoDz v3.9 and TTGxmodsx v4.0
(Same mods as the last product)
Modded ISO Disk for WaW with iBeTreyy's Mod Menu (Custom)
Product description..
Cohost a WaW Modded Lobby
for 10 rounds
15th lobby on Black Ops *Coming Soon*
i dont have proof yet but i can show proof
Infections on WaW Zombies
aimbot, chrome and wall hack only on zombs
Modded Zombies *No Prestiges*
Mod menu with out prestiges all mods
Mod Menu On Left Side With Pink Scroller
Everyone has mod menu 
Toggable Forge Mode 
Toggable Strategy Mode (Not Done) 
 Toggable MW2 Zombie Lobby (Not Done) 
Toggable Gun Game from MW2 
40+ Visions 
-fire teleporter 
-beams models 
-power ups 
-big explosions 
-nukes ect.. 
Localized Text 
Working MW2 Zombie Mod (Figured out how to Kill Other Players not being host) 
MW2 Zombie Mod 
-Start off as human or zombie 
-Humans must survive as long as they can 
-zombies obviously must kill the humans 
-Humans have mod menu and points system to buy guns/upgrades 
-zombies have mod menu to buy bowie knife, health, speed, jump height 
-need more suggestions 
MW2 Gun Game Mod 
-Start off with pistol 
-Kill certain amount of zombies to earn more guns 
-if you die, you will have your guns set at the begining 
-zombies will be made alot harder than normal for a challenge 
Strategy Lobby 
Dark Fog 
Darkened Sun Dvars 
Zombies Faster 
No HUD For a Real Look 
Buy Guns Out Of Custom Made Models Around The Map 
Zombies have scarier appearence 
Zombies Have Higher Health 
Start with different guns 
And also the basics... 
-Pick Up, Move Any Object, On Map- 
-Shoot Nuke Bullets- 
-7+ Visions- 
-Spawn Models/Objects- 
-Teleport To Crosshairs- 
-Spawn Models to Crosshairs 
-Pick Prestige- 
-More Visions- 
-Toggle Aimbot- 
-Toggle Pro-Mod- 
-Models Include-- 
-Mystery Box- 
-Vending Machines- 
-Teddy Bear-